Week 37

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

 The NYC skyline

40 years of taking pictures and I never got around to the New York Skyline. One of my rules is to try and keep a camera with me at all times in the car. On Friday I had to go see a client in Long Island City. It is on the edge of Queens right on the East River.  As I left I passed this park and stopped for a minute just to check it out.  Late in the day with a low sun almost in front of you this was not a easy one to shoot. A Combination of standing at a angle to the sun and Active D lighting set on high seemed to do the trick.  Otherwise this could have easily been a silhouette of the skyline

Some of the landmarks are the UN (predominate wide building), The Empire State Building (just left of the UN) and the tower of the Chrysler Building peaking over a building on the left.

Nikon D300   DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G @24mm  1/320 sec, f/11, ISO 320


Jim Fredriksson – Long Island, New York

 Museum of Natural History Frog Exhibit 11/06/2009

 Nikon Coolpix 5100   F /4.7   21.5mm

No flash (exhibit lighting)

 Title: The Odd Couple


Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark 

 Thank for comments on my photo last week.

My photo of the week is from a tour around an old mill. Got it from a lot of different angles but I believe that this one is the finest.

Like so many of my photographs this is also from my job. The museum closes for the winter in 2 weeks, so I will have to turn focus against something else, but until then you might get a few more from there.

  Have a nice week all.

 Venlig hilsen

Jens Frederiksen



Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Hello All
A lavender field, taken last Sunday.

Nikon D300 + Tamron 90 mm – ISO 200 – f 9 – 1/500 



Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

 Hello everyone! We had long weekend here in Croatia since it was our Independence day on Friday, and guess what? Weekend without rain! Yeeeej! 🙂 I live in a place that has lot of fog in autumn, often in winter. The fog was here on Friday too, so I’ve decided to get up early on go on little trip to nearby Drava river. I have plenty photos that I’m satisfied with, but for our group I’ve decided to display  photo of dock and the boat.

Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20@10mm, f8, ISO 200, 25 sec. I’ve used B+W ND10x filter.

I look forward to seeing your photos on Wednesday.

Pozdrav, Filip.

///—-\\\Moje fotke: http://www.filiplucin.com/

Moj blog: http://www.blog.filiplucin.com/



Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi 

 Hi.  As Joe told you, I am originally from New Orleans, my heart is still there, and I will be too, if I get my way.  New Orleans is my favorite subject to photograph, and you will see a lot of that from me. I started as a fine art painter in the late 1960’s (while having a real job, of course), and painted over 35 years, easing into photography along the way.  Now, it’s just photography, with some painting work that I still must do (one day).  I like to present subjects in a way that most people don’t see them, encouraging a another  look. My primary equipment is a D200, with various Nikon lenses, and a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ10 and FZ28 as backup cameras.  [If Nikon doesn’t soon come out with a decent replacement for the D300, I might switch to Canon 😉  ].  My interest is in landscapes, cityscapes, and documentary of the humorous and unexpected.  On occasion, I might do a few macros or close-ups (desperation).  My objective is to be as good as all of the other photographers I see.

This image is of the French Quarter in the evening.  It is at f/5,   1/30 sec., ISO 800, hand-held.



Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan

 Hello everyone!  Last week I wrote that my Girls Golf Team was playing in their Golf Regional.  If all went well, we would be playing in the State Finals this Friday & Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who lent my girls your support .  The girls played pretty well and finished twelve strokes ahead of their closest competitors.  Needless to say, the weather has been absolutely beautiful here since last week and it looks like it will continue right through the Finals. 

 This is the only photo I’ve taken in the last week.  I’ll get back to the camera right after our finish on Saturday.



Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana 

 Hi everyone.   Hope you all had a great week.   Not much time to do any new shots this past week, so this one is from a couple of weeks ago.I went to a butterfly garden, and l  watched all  these beauties flit from flower to flower.

 I hope you enjoy this one .

D300   105mm micro  ISO 200  f/7.1   Shutter 1/400   EV -1



Don Enderlein – Brooks, Georgia

 This weekend, we’re heading to the North Georgia Mountains and I’m taking the camera. I can’t wait. However, our leaves are changing because there’s been no rain in three weeks, humidity is around 10% and it’s hot. Maybe the leaves are burned….

 Nikon D100 80mm, 1/320 sec, f9 ISO 200, full auto, RAW


Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

I had to go to office last Sunday as the head office of my firm moved and we had to unpack and such.  So, I decided to get off the subway a few station before and take a walk with my camera.  This is THE center of Japan business, and the water is the “moat” of the former Edo castle, where there is now the Imperial Palace.  Lots of lives there – carp, turtle, duck, and swans.  I thought the contrast of the modern business center buildings and a swan interesting.  I uploaded several more photos surrounding the area here: http://khokugo.zenfolio.com/p248605565#h340afe88

D700, 24-120, f8, 1/250sec, ISO200, a bit cropped by NX2


Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

 The Australian cricket season got underway over the weekend.  The innings of this opening batsman was brought to an abrupt end when he was beaten for pace by a fast delivery that knocked over the middle stump.

 Camera:      Nikon D300 Lens:          AF-S VR II Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED plus TC-14EII

Settings:     280 mm, 1/1252 sec, f/4 and ISO 200 (Manual, monopod, UV filter)



Grant Tanner – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hello everyone. I cannot help but to admire the photos that are being sent in each week
Today i am sending a photo from Melbourne of a cafe that is on the Yarra River at the back of the Crown Casino. Just another place i really liked the colours.
D90 Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens at 11mm  1/100sec @ F5 ISO200



Per-Christian Nilssen Sarpsborg, Norway

 Hello everybody.  Thank you so much for your previous comments.  I am really sorry that I have not been able to comment yours or return the comments.

 Taking some days off work, and spending them at Lillehammer in Norway, the site of the winter olympic games in 1994. The autumn colors here are beautiful, and this day there was no wind at all, which made some beautiful reflections in the water.

 Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-70




Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

 Thanks for your comments on my Owl picture, It was published in the St Petersburg Times News paper last Sunday. Last Sunday we went to New Smyrna Beach Fl. for my Father In-laws 80th birthday. I got up early and walked out to the beach to shoot for 2.5 hours the sunrise, lighthouse, birds, people and surfers. So many cool picture opportunities. The Sunrise was amazing. The clouds close to the horizon looked like mountains to me. Found out 732 raw files fill an 8 gig card. Nikon D3, Nikon 80-400 VR, 120mm, F/14, ISO 800, EC-0.7 step



Gladys Millman – Westport, Connecticut 

 Sorry I did not respond to the photos last week.  My work schedule has been a bit brutal.  Here is a photo of a little critter who was staring at me while I sipped coffee on my porch this summer. He even remained still when I moved to get in closer.   I am still manipulating ways to send in ‘clear’ pictures, so I am pulling from older photos (for which i do not seem have camera setting info).  I am trying to raise my bar!  Gladys


Davorin Mance – Cakovec, Croatia

 River, my constant inspiration. This time in b/w. Water, stones and early morning mist are everytime winning combination for me J. Taken with Olympus E-510, Olympus ZD 9-18mm, f/8 @ 30sec, iso100, tripod. Converted to B/W in PS.

 Regards,, Davorin




Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia 

 This week’s contribution harks back again to the first weekend in October and my attendance of the UCI World Road Racing Championships in Geelong, about one hour’s drive from where I live. I staked out my position inside the course early in the morning as I wanted to be sure to capture the passing competitors nice and frozen in the frame – too still some have commented, but it’s only my first try at sporting photography.  I found that shooting from a lower position to the ground gave a more interesting perspective to the exposures.This photograph is of Lars Bak (Denmark) closest to camera and Matthew Hayman (Australia) in the middle and Michal Golas (Poland) attacking the kick at the top of the hill climb.

 Taken with D700 + 17-35mm AF-S @ 28mm, f/9, 1/1250th sec , ISO 400


 Jeannean R – McAllen, Texas 

 Not a lot to say about my shot this week. Nothing special about it. I just liked it. Hummingbird sitting in my neighbor’s tree waiting for my dog Noah to quit looking at him. Maybe you had to be there. 😉 Taken with Nikon D90/70-300mm VR, Sigma 1.4x teleconverter @ 1/250, f/5.6, ISO 400.



Ken Papai – San Rafael, California

 This is a tight forest shot at Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, just north of Guerneville, Calif. I spent part of the morning there Monday (Oct. 11) with my EOS-3 (film), tripod and cable shutter release. This shot is all digital, raw mode of course with my 7D.  It’s so hard to cull just one photo out of the 70 I shot that morning. I like this one a lot for its “forest” qualities. The light was far from perfect as there were zero clouds or fog to mute the strong sun. I might’ve shot more apt and distinctive giant redwood tree shots but this one is still attractive.

Technical: 35mm FL, ISO 100, f/9 and 8/10 sec. Tripod/remote shutter release and MLU.



Haig Tchamitch – Scottsdale, Arizona 

 Life and death  (color and b/w photo)

 Pentax K20D   mc PENTAX-DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM  Shot at 50 mm 

Manual exposure, Aperture-priority AE, 1/125 sec, f/8, ISO 320, Compensation: +0.7 



 Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

 I took this shot in Burlington on my past trip up there. This is in my girlfriends back yard. I thought it was really interesting the way there was only one red leaf. It realy stood out.

 Nikon D100  Sigma   28-200 mm f/3.3-5.6  Shot at 48 mm



Ertugrul Kilic – Paramaribo, Suriname / South America 

 Nikon D2Xs, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm ZF.2, Aperture Priority, f/2, 1/350sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67

Still waiting and watching to TV for the Chilean miners. Hope they can rescue without any problem. Our prays with them.
Thanks a lot for your valuable comments to my photo last week. I appreciated. A boat is returning to next shore of Suriname River for next customers. It was early in the morning. Hope you like it. Take care and many cheers you to all my dear friends. Regards,

Ertugrul Kilic



Jana Hughes – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hello Everybody,thank you for your comments on my photo last week, I really appreciate them all. 

This week a photo of my son and a dog, that got lost one day and happened to come to our house, we phoned the owner and it took him couple of hours to get home, so we were looking after this wonderful creature, her name is Waffle, until his arrival. Turned out, he lives few houses up the road and we can play with Waffle, when they are at work and this weekend we will have her for full 4 days! I can’t wait, I fell in love with her and my little boy too. This is a photo of his first proper contact with the dog, he was a bit shy at first, but then cuddled up to her, as she is so gentle and lovely.

 Taken with Nikon D700, 24-70mm f/2.8@ISO 1600, f/5, 1/80s

Have a lovely week.  Jana 



Special Bonus photo

The bonus photo is a current event of interest from somewhere in the world 

Columbus Day Parade – Joseph Leotta

Monday was Columbus Day, New York has a huge parade up Fifth Avenue. It is sponsored by the Columbus Citizens Foundation, which also awards a number of Scholarships to deserving students, We were at the parade because my daughter Janine was awarded one for her High school tuition.  They put all their winners in the parade.

Here is one from one of the many bands in the parade

Nikon D300        AF Zoom-Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6D IF @ 135mm

1/160 sec, f/6.3, ISO 640


“Don’t believe everything you read.”

Stanley Beck

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