Week 40

This week we have a special theme

all photos are in Black & White


 Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

 Utah – Rocky Mountains

Several years ago flying into Salt  Lake City, Utah for  skiing I was lucky to get a window Seat. The Rocky Mountains in late march were still completely covered with snow. No photo can ever truly convey the wondrous scenery.   This was just before I went Digital and was shooting only film; late in the day with low light some of the colors became muted.  Convert the photo to Black and White and details pop out.

 Nikon F2  50mm f1.4 Nikkor S Manual Focus Shot on Kodacolor Negative film

Print scanned on a flatbed , processed in NX2



Haig Tchamitch – Scottsdale, Arizona

 This is a shot from the roman ruins at Jerash in Jordan.  About an hour’s drive from Amman.It is a fairly extensive site and fairly well preserved considering it’s age.

My apologies to the group for the lack of comments, but I have not been home more than a few days at a time for the last 5 months.. (not that I’m complaining considering some of the places I have visited).

 Pentax k20d + DA 12-24 @ 12mm, iso 200, f/9, 1/100 sec.



 Don Enderlein – Brooks, Georgia

 The Tetons just prior to a thunderstorm.

 Nikon D100 50mm Nikkor, f11, 1/500 sec, matrix metering


Grant Tanner – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hi everyone
My B&W photo is of a door knob on a rear entry to an industrial building in Brisbane. This photo is a personal favourite of mine and you may have seen it earlier this year on Nikon Wednesday. It is also the first photo i have ever sold and is now hanging in the State Office of Gainsborough Door Furniture here in Queensland



Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan

 Hello to everyone!

Here is my contribution.  Taken in 2008, it’s still one of my favorites.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

 D40X – f/20.0 – 18-200@36mm – 1/13sec – ISO100 – Aperture Priority 



Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi 

 The run-a-way bride!  My friend asked for some casual photos of her future daughter-in-law for use at the reception.  I was following her into the woods down this path and took this one.  Hope it is ok. 
D5000, VR 18-55 F3.5-5.6G lens, AFA, AF area mode-single, F/5.6, 1/160s, center weighted metering, auto ISO 200.



Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi 

 “Retired.”  These things are becoming increasingly rare, but there are still some around to be found.

 Nikon D200, ISO 200, f/4.8, 1/90 sec., 24-120mm (32mm).
Converted to B&W in Photoshop



Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

 Thanks as always for the kind comments on my pics. I thought of this picture for our BW because it had so many light and dark contrasts. looking forward to the rest of your pics. Nikon D3, 80-400 VR, 80mm, 1/400 sec, F/14, ISO 800



Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

  Hello people! My contribution for this theme is a rather recent shot, this fisherman was about 200 meters from shore, and was often covered by fog. I had to wait for some time for him to emerge from fog, and got this.

Nikon D80, Tamron 70-300@300mm, f11, 1/400, ISO 125. Capture NX2. I look forward to see your black and white shots.

 Pozdrav, Filip.

Moje fotke: http://www.filiplucin.com/

Moj blog: http://www.blog.filiplucin.com/



Jim Fredriksson – Long Island, New York

 B&W Study

1/60s  f/2.7  ISO 64   Flash    7.5mm

 Tightly cropped from the original, as an abstract. Ergo, Abstract Photo-Expressionism. Actually a color photo of white, but I felt it was in the spirit of the assignment.



 Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana 

 Hi everyone.    This shot is  a natural black and white .  The drop is 

milk and the liquid is  tinged with black dye.

Hope you enjoy.



Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia 

 This is a close up photo of my favourite agave plant which I have grown in my succulent rock garden for over 7 years.  The plant itself is nearly 25 years old and has just yesterday begun to show signs of a flower spike emerging from it’s spiny centre.  

 Flowering is the final stage of the growth cycle of agave plants, they are mono-carpic meaning they flower once and then die.  It’s a truly beautiful agave specimen and I will miss it in the garden.  I hope it produces fertile seed or bulbils.  It will flower over the course of this southern hemisphere summer and will take about a year to die completely.  I have photographed it many dozens of times before and no doubt will document it’s ‘swan song’ over the coming months.

 Taken with Nikon D700 + Nikkor  AF 85mm D f/1.4  @ f/5.6, 1/800th sec, ISO 400



Jana Hughes – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hello Everybody,

thank you very much for the comments on my photo last week. My black and white photo is from last Friday’s photography session with Haig Tchamitch from our group, he travelled to Brisbane last week and Grant and I met him and we did some photography together. What a great time I’ve had! Thank you to both of you. This photo is from our last stretch for the day, it was already a night time and I had an idea to try out my least used lens, 70-200 f/2.8, and as usual, I had a rediscovery time. This photo isn’t wonderfully sharp, the shutter speed was only 1/13s, but I rather like it. 

 Shot with Nikon D700, 70-200 f/2.8@ISO 3200, 1/13s, f/3.5

Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing all your photos. I love black and white photography, so this week will be a treat for me.



Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark 

 My photo is originally an IR. I think it is easier to make BW from IR than ordinary colour/BW, raw, because it is easier to work with the contrast from an IR original. ‘Probably just my screwed way of work’. 

Anyway, converting a colour photo to BW, manipulate it and then remove the BW conversion keeping the other manipulations gives a very unrealistic colour/contrast look to the original photo.

As always a larger photo at fotomedia.dk/WednesdayMail. The 40-c photo’s are a colour conversion incl. BW removed.

Looking forward to see the world in BW.

 Have a nice week. Jens



Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

 No time to shoot this week.  This shot was taken at Olympic Park in 2008.  The lone spectator.

 Camera:      Nikon D200

Lens:          AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED

Settings:     78 mm, 1/800 sec, f/4.5 and ISO 160 (Manual, hand held, UV filter)



Gladys Millman – Westport, Connecticut 

 Mother & Child (not actual name, I don’t think), a favorite painting of mine.  Taken indoors, ISO 800, 48mm, f/5.6, 1/3.  I am using a new program, so let’s see if the size comes through properly.  Gladys



Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Hello All
I have just receive back my computer fixed so no much time to work on new images.
This was taken a year ago at Iguazu Fall and I posted on Photo.net also. By by
NIKON D300 + Tamron 10-24 @12mm – ISO 200 – f 8- 1/320



Davorin Mance – Cakovec, Croatia

 Hello. This photo was taken on a field trip to a nearby mountain Ravna Gora. As soon as I saw this tree at the edge of the abyss I knew how photo should look like. Of course, the conversion in b/w is implied. Often I look at Ansel Adams’ photographs, my role model, and try to make my nature photography at least almost have the force of his. How I succeeded in it, judge for yourself. Photo title is “Defiant”.

 Taken with: Olympus E-510, ED9-18 @ 9mm, 1/40s @ f/8, ISO100, Handheld.

 Greetings, Davorin             www.davorinmance.com



Jeannean R – McAllen, Texas 

Yacht Club Hotel, Port Isabel, TX. This is one of the original hotels on the south Texas coast. It was built in 1927 and is still in operation today. We stayed there once many years ago and it was like stepping back in time. My grandfather and his buddies, used to dock the boat after fishing, come ashore, and have a cocktail or two before joining my grandmother and other ladies for dinner. It was a fine establishment back in the day. Not sure what the hotel rooms are like now, but the restaurant is still mighty fine. Nikon D90/18-55mm, processed from RAW in NX2, sepia tone and frame added in PSE 8. I didn’t know there was a whole slew of frames available in PSE 8 under View: Contents. Now, I just need to play with them so as not to crop out part of the photo (the original has the whole HOTEL and no cropped palm trees ;-).




Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

 Hello, all.  Having spent many Halloweens in US, I had forgot about it the past weekend here in a far east country.  BUT, coincidentally, I have made one B&W photo, which now is the cover photo of khokugo.zenfolio.com.  I went to another museum nearby and this was one of the statues it had on exhibit.  It left me some impression, I don’t know how to put it, but kinda mysterious figure in a deep meditation from India….  Again, with a compact P&S, Panasonic LX-5.  Thanks.



Bogdan Nicolescu – Pitesti, Romania 

 Funny, although I’ve got plenty of BW photos it proved rather difficult for me to choose one. I really wanted to get away from my usual people shots and post something else, well, it’s people again.
Shot at an anti-government rally in Bucharest following a set of very unpopular measures intended to fix the economy. Rampant corruption, incompetent governments, a dodgy transition from socialist to free market economy, Balkanic style capitalism and current economical crises are just few of the problems. Interesting enough, before second world war same country was the sixth best economy, after that everything went down the hill and still rolling

Reading the banner: “Democracy is ME!”
Technical: Nikon F6, Zeiss Planar 100mm F/2 lens, Kodak TriX 400TX



Ertugrul Kilic – Paramaribo, Suriname / South America

 Dear Gladys, Filip, Greg thanks a lot for your kind words for my post last week. I’ll be not able to reach your earlier e-mails and my computer for a while. Please forgive me if I missed one of your words to say thanks.

 My hand held taken photo from the night before yesterday while people visiting Independence Square where one of biggest Subh Diwali lights (a giant oil candle) installed. The colonial building at background is Ministry of Finance and decorated with lights as part of celebration of Subh Diwali. An important parts of Suriname population is build by Hindustani community due their immigrations from India during England controlled colonial period. I’ll try to post different photos coming next weeks. 

 The statue belongs to Johan (Jopie) Adolf Pengel who one of the most influential politician in Suriname. From 1963 to 1969 Pengel was prime minister of Suriname. He was the first Surinamese politicians of the self-confident and demanding of the colonial administration had occurred so many Surinamese and a sense of equivalence. The International airport of Suriname (Zanderij) is in his honor at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport named.

 The photo straight out NEF from camera and converted to JPEG with a simple viewer. Nothing processed anymore. Hope you like it. Take care and many cheers you to all. Regards,

 Ertugrul Kilic


 Nikon D2Xs, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm ZF.2, Aperture Priority, f/2, 1/60sec, ISO400, ExposureBiasValue -0.67



Ken Papai – San Rafael, California

 My photo is from last week – where one of the huge support cables for the SF Bay Bridge lands in the ground. I converted this to B&W manually in PS CS5 using the channel mixer – in this case 50% blue channel and the other 50% split between red & green channels.  I think I shot this too with the B&W theme in mind.

 EOS 7D, ISO 3200 (!), f/8, 1/1600, 50 mm.

 Ken Papai



Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

Waves Breaking

This photo was taken on July 10, 2010  using a Nikon D100.



Special Bonus photo

The bonus photo is a current event of interest from somewhere in the world 

 Serious Pumpkin Carving – Joseph Leotta

 New York Botanical Gardens – Pumpkin display . The 3 largest ones in the country were there to be carved.  This was the biggest at 1850 pounds.



All saints day – Filip Lucin

 On 1st of November, the All saints day is celebrated in Croatia. It’s a day for families to gather, from all over the country and abroad, and to go  to the cemeteries and to the graves of their loved ones. It is a custom to put flower arrangements and candles to the graves to mark the day. And for the ones that are buried to far to be visited, there is a crucifix on the each cemetery that we call “Križno drvo”.  It would be roughly translated as “Tree of the cross”, I too have left a candle here for my grandparents from the fathers side that are buried 500 kilometers away, and I can’t go visit them. My photo was captured on nearby Varaždin’s cemetery. Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20@10mm, F8, 20sec exposure, ISO 200. Converted to BW in capture NX.

 Pozdrav, Filip.



Outside the World Series – Ken Papai

 Should you deem – is the SF Giants FINALLY winning the World Series and the Willie Mays statue in front of AT&T Park.



And a group update

 Haig Meets Jana and Grant

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

meet Haig and Grant, we had a fantastic photography session last week, thank you.

 Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8, exposure are different on both photos, so I won’t specify. 


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