Week 42

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

Staying Vivid –  A garden within the gardens

The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx is one of my favorite places.  This English garden within the garden always is interesting. A large section of it is a herb garden filling the air with strong and delightful aromas. The narrow paths and walkways, brick columns  and wooden benches make it feel like someone’s backyard. This time of year it comes alive the the brighy colors of fall flowers. The big pine tree whose trunk you see rising on the left has shed long pine needles which have turned brown and cover the walkways, adding a unique touch to this shot.

 Nikon D300 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Shot at 26 mm

 1/160 sec, f/6.3, ISO 400, Compensation: +2/3     October 30, 2010   3:41:12PM

 The beauty of these 2 is that I did not play around with the color saturation levels in post processing.  The only adjustment besides resizing was to slightly decrease the brightness and slightly increase the contrast,   The +2/3 EV looked like it was needed when I was chimpimg the photos as I was taking them. There seemed to be harsh shadows that were underexposing the photos.


Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi 

 Althea blossom (related to hibiscus).  Sometimes you have to go all the way out on your patio to find a subject.  😉

 Nikon D200, ISO 200, f/8, 1/350 sec., 120 mm.


Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana 

 Hi everyone.  Hope this week was good to you.  Thanks so  much to   those of you who took the time to comment.   I really love reading the  comments and hope to get back to doing so myself very soon.  I like this one for its simplicity . There was one solitary drop on the mum pedal with the sunlight shinning through the drop .

D300   60mm micro  f/11  shutter 1/40  ISO 200



Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi 

 Another Veteran’s Park resident.  I love watching him fish.  I have two photos of fish he caught on this morning.  I liked the autumn leaf reflections in the water around him.  I hope you do!  He puts up with me for awhile, then flies to another section of the park.
Nikon D5000, 300mm, AF-A, Dynamic, manual, F/5.6, 1/200s, Auto ISO 320, Auto White Balance.



Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan

 Good morning!

The weather has started to turn cold.  No snow yet, but I can feel the nearness of the snowflakes.  We are heading south in a matter of days.  It won’t be too soon! I tried something a lot different for me and was pleased with the results.  While eating breakfast and drinking coffee at home I noticed Chickadees and this Finch moving from our bird-feeder to the lone sunflower.  Thought I should stop eating and I’m glad I did!  I grabbed my camera, already on a tripod, and began to shoot.  This was the best from my point of view.  I called it – Eating Breakfast on a Lone Sunflower.  Hope you like it.



Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I tried to show the movement of the musician.

Nikon D300 +18-200 VR @ 40mm – ISO 3200 – f 4.5 – 1/30 sec.



Bogdan Nicolescu – Pitesti, Romania 

 Casual shot from a recent trip to Budapest, Hungary. I was trying a shot of the Post office building seen in the background when this bride and groom came along in a tour of Buda Castle. I had my camera loaded with slide film, not the best for given light condition but yield usable images.

Mamiya 7II, 80mm F/4 lens, Kodak Ektachrome E100G, Nikon Coolscan E9000ED

Best Regards


Grant Tanner – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hello everyone.
Today i am submitting a visitor to my garden. He is very beautiful but also very cheeky. Most of these parrots are. Never trust them
D90 Nikkor 300mm F4 Lens 1/160sec @ F5.6 ISO200



Jana Hughes – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

 Hello Everybody,

thank you very much for your comments on my photo last week. 

This week is a photo from a photo shoot I did on Saturday, it was for a modeling assignment and it all went very well. 

 Shot with Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8@ISO 200, f/9,1/125s

 Have a lovely week,  Jana 



Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

 Hello everyone.  Thank you so much for comments on my entry last week.  I wish I had more time at hand!  Will try to comment more often.  Here is my entry this week.  At the nearby park/garden, the annual light up of the fall was held and it was fantastic.  I wish I could convey the beauty of it better, much better….  Ken
D700, 28-300mm, manual, f/11, 10sec, ISO200, on tripod.  PP by NX2.



Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

Hello all! Unfortunately, last week was almost a hell for me, so I haven’t had the time to comment.

As always, very nice set of photos. And thank you that commented on all photos, I really appreciate it!

My photo for today is infrared photo. Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20@13mm, f8, ISO200, 30sec. I’ve used Cokin IR filter, post processing in Paint shop pro. I look forward to see your photos.

Pozdrav, Filip.

Moje fotke: http://www.filiplucin.com/

Moj blog: http://www.blog.filiplucin.com/



Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

 This is a photo I took in downtown Burlington one night at dusk. It’s taken right by the shore of Lake Champlain and one of the buildings in the shot is actually the building that I held an internship in. This was one of my favorite spots in Burlington to visit around dusk, as you always got amazing colors from the sunset over the lake and got a pretty view of the some of the buildings in Burlington. 



Jeannean R – McAllen, Texas 

 Today’s photo is more of an exercise in light diffusion than anything else. We’ve had a few cool mornings lately, so found a cooperative (slow moving) bee to practice on. I’m still not totally happy with it, but it’s better than it was. I bought a straight arm bracket and Giotto mini ball head to take my SB 600 with a LumiQuest softbox off the hot shoe and to the left side nearer the subject. I also taped a half of a 32 oz styrofoam cup to it with a couple of layers of diffusion material forming a tent of sorts. It looks really unprofessional, but then, I’m not a professional so no one sees it but me and the bugs. 😉 Nikon D90/Sigma 150mm/1.4x teleconverter with my SB600 contraption off to the side @ 1/60, f/11, ISO 400.

 Not sure if anyone is interested in seeing this diffuser contraption, but if you think anyone might be, here it is. A real DIYer.



Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

 Wow I had a real busy week of shooting over 5,000 pics. I was invited to take pics at a cowboy match last Sat. All ages of men and women and a 10 year old competed shooting pre-1900 rifles,pistols and shotguns. They shoot all sizes of metal targets and are timed to see who can shoot the fastest. They are all dressed the pre-1900 cowboy gear. They looked like the a bunch of desperado’s. Lots of action to capture. The lighting was very poor except for a hole in the roof that would shine right across everyone’s body. As they ran from station to station the lighting changed. I had alot of fun trying to compensate for the sunlight. Nikon D3, Nikon 24-120 3.5, 100mm, F/9, 1/400 sec, ISO 3200, EC + 0.7 step.


Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia 

 Spring is in full swing and we are still getting plenty of welcome rainfall.  The gardens here are looking the best they have been in 21 years.  Spring is a great season for photography – for me it’s all about getting damp knees from kneeling on dewy grass and a tanned neck from the warm spring time sun over my shoulder.  This is a 0.8 :1 magnified micro photo of a tall bearded iris.  I used a 9mm extension tube on my Kiron 1:1 macro lens to get this much flower to fill the frame.

 D700 + Kiron 105mm micro lens + 9mm extension tube @ f/16, 1/60th, ISO 400 – all on a tripod.



Ertugrul Kilic – Paramaribo, Suriname / South America

 Thanks a lot to everyone who commented to my post last week. I couldn’t followed you because my computer problem. I’m still busy with jumping to a new system.

 The worlds biggest wooden Cathedral St. Petrus and Paulus opened officialy two days ago. Ladies were fixing the opening cord an hour earlier and the man from interior was helping them. The main door closed and locked after this moment. Hope you like it. nThanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,

Ertugrul Kilic


 Nikon D2Xs, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D AF, Aperture Priority, f/2.2, 1/2000sec, ISO100,

ExposureBiasValue -0.33



Ken Papai – San Rafael, California

 The Sonoma Coast – near the spot where the Russian River meets the Pacific. I was shooting into the morning sun and came up with a photo of a style which I like a lot.

EOS 7D, 100mm, ISO 200, f/11, 1/1000. Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010



Per-Christian Nilssen Sarpsborg, Norway

 My wife and I recently spent the weekend in the city of Karlstad in Sweden.  This shot was taken on a cold Sunday morning, and this is one of the bridges that crosses the river Klara, which originates in the small Norwegian winter sports town of Trysil.  That was the geography class for today!

 🙂 Per-Christian


Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark 

 Had the opertunity to crawl into a little airplane for an hour flight around the peninsula where I live and although I had to shoot through the window I got a few good pictures , I think.

This one is the local castle.

D700 24-70@70mm F16 1/60s ISO 400,NX2


Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Massive Rain Dump.

 Another weekend of cricket has been washed.  Five minutes after this shot was taken the thunder cracked and the rain bucketed down.  There was no more play. This is how a batsman looks at the umpire when they think play should be suspended because of rain.  My son is the wicket keeper (catcher in baseball terms). 



Haig Tchamitch – Scottsdale, Arizona 

 It might be due to living in the desert, but the thunderous sound of waves cascading on the beach is somehow very appealing.

This was at a beach close to Port Macquarie from my recent trip to Australia.  I’m planning on sending a little email out later with some photos J

Shot with the Pentax k20d + DA 55-300 @ 300mm 1/2000 sec, f/8, iso 320 


Special Bonus photo

The bonus photo is a current event of interest from somewhere in the world 

 Dicksonia antartica ferns – Matthew Brennan 

 Another botanical close up of a newly unfurled fern frond from one of the several Dicksonia antartica ferns we grow here in our garden (Australian native tree fern)  I like the bokeh this image has in a B&W rendered version.

 Captured with D700 + AF 85mmf/1.4 D  @ f/3.5,  1/2000th sec,  ISO 400


Hungry? – Gej Jones

  Hello to everyone!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far.

My photo comes from a dinner a few years ago.  Enjoy….. The meal was excellent

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