Communications Theme

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

 Tags: Skpye, Skype video call, Wifi, Wifi Laptop, High Iso , Available light

 She came to the party via skype

Junior had his 23rd birthday 2 weeks ago. We had a little dinner party in the backyard for him that night. His sister Jillian is up at college inVermont 350 miles away.  The new thing in my house is to have Jill join us for dinner or other events by using skype on a wi-fi laptop.  The laptop with a web cam on top is completely wireless and works anywhere in the house or in both the front and rear yards. The kids connect to Jill with skype, put the laptop at a spot on the table – and it’s really like she is right there, joining in on all the conversations while seeing what’s going on while we see her.  The best part about skype – it’s free.  (The green sticking out of the cake – they are meant to be trees on a snowboarding cake.)

Nikon D300 AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR  @ 18mm 1/60 sec, f/3.8, ISO 3200



Ertugrul Kilic – Paramaribo, Suriname / South America


My hand held photo taken in October 10th in 2010 during the Subh Diwali – popularly known also as the “festival of lights” – at Onafhankelijkheidsplein ( the Independent Square ) of Paramaribo, Suriname. Silhouette of man while he is talking with his mobile telephone at backside of an illuminated truck during the Subh Diwali march. Hope you like it. Take care and many cheers you to all my dear friends. Regards,

Ertugrul Kilic

 Nikon D2Xs, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm ZF.2, Aperture Priority, f/2, 1/60sec, ISO560, ExposureBiasValue -0.67



Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan


 Whenever I was downtown as a young boy and someone asked me what time it was, I would look to the Martinek Clock (I didn’t own a watch) to get the correct time.  The eight-day weight-driven mechanical clock has been aTraverse City Front Streetlandmark since it was installed in front of Martinek’s Jewelers in 1914. The clock was made by the Seth Thomas Co. in 1904 and still has its original works.  This landmark clock has been communicating the correct time for nearly 100 years from the same location.

 A side note:  Martinek’s Jewelers designed my wife’s engagement ring.  I’m proud to say that she has worn that ring for over 40 years.

D90 – 1/320sec – f/5.6 – 18-200@170mm – ISO 100 – Aperture Priority – Handheld


Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark


A lighthouse communicates guidance and warnings to all seafarers. At this particularly spot there has been a lighthouse for 450 years.

A copy of the oldest stands in the foreground.


Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi


Three forms of communication” I used to communicate this way. 1. Old manual typewriter (you also needed carbon paper and ink erasers – before White Out).  2. Left, old box camera;  3. Right, photos on the coffee mug – communicates my interests.

Nikon D200, ISO 800, f/6.3, 1/30 sec



Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan



 This is the Tokyo Sky Tree – to replace TokyoTower’s function as a communication antenna tower.  Still under construction, but will open soon.  Well, the height will be 640m or so and almost double of the TokyoTower.  Has to be high to cover the shadow of the high rise buildings in today’s city scape.  Believe or not, this is already a tourist attraction even from the beginning of the construction.   Interesting point is that the foundation is triangle (due to the limited space on the land), but going up, the shape becomes totally round.  And, at the earthquake on 3/11 (by which my room on the 11th floor was devastated), the tower top swung 10m each side, but no damage at all on the structure.  Also, as a side note, TokyoTowerswung 5m each side and the top of the tower just bent (see the second photo from internet).

D90, 18-105, @18, f/8, 1/640sec, ISO200, Capture NX2


Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

tags: grave, woman, old, hill, hilltop, pray, 

Hello everyone!

This is photo from last year, and I thought it would come nice as less modern and more spiritual type of communication.

Info: Nikon D80, Tamron 70-300@70mm, ISO 100, f9, 1/160 sec.

Pozdrav, Filip                                                                                                                     Moje fotke i blog:


Jeannean Ryman – McAllen, Texas

Tags: communicating, Facebook. smart phones 

My photo submission isn’t very creative, but rather depicts a social phenomenon that at times, concerns me. In a world full of technology, we have more opportunities to communicate with each other than ever before. I have to wonder if this boon in the quantity of our communications, has diminished the quality of those communications. Whatever your thoughts about digital technology and communication, the world has been changed by it forever, and so has our method of communicating with each other. It’s not uncommon for me to see groups of people sitting together (like this student at school), yet no one is talking to each other. They’re all on their smart phones and/or laptops communicating with other people.

(Nikon D90/Tamron 60mm@1/1000, f/5.6, ISO 800)




Jana HughesBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

           tags – pin up, woman, bath, telephone, pink

Hello Everybody,

For today’s Communication theme I’ve decided to go for a pin up shot of a girl on a phone, I asked a very well knownBrisbaneburlesque performer Miss Bertie Page to pose for me, and she suggested we use her pink bath tub for the shoot. It turned out to be a perfect arrangement for the kind of shot I had in mind and we set up a mini studio in her bathroom, and she posed and posed and posed, first just with the phone, then she put on a hat with bright yellow bath ducks on it and posed with some ducks in the water. I’ve had the most wonderful time that day and I was very pleased with the photos. I was deciding for some time, if I should use a speech bubble in the photo and add some text to it, then it suddenly hit me, that I could use a symbol, a heart in this case, to tell a little story with my picture.

I look forward to your interpretations of the theme we have, I am sure this will be a great week.



Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi


  All I can say is, “I think they got their point across!”  These birds were in my Veteran’s Park haunt, last year, and I laugh every time I see these pictures! 



Bogdan Nicolescu – Pitesti, Romania


This is a photo from my archive, not recent but probably most suitable for the given theme. To paraphrase it, I wish there were more time to explain what I think…
Shot with Nikon F6, Zeiss 35mm F/2 Distagon ZF lens, Kodak Ektachrome E200


Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina


 Hello all

Yes I know that the book as communicator is not very original!! but when late at night I saw this work inSan Martin SquareI though this will be my pic for the special!!!

This yearBuenos Airesis the World Book Capital, a title bestowed by UNESCO. During the year the city undertakes to organise and run a larger number of events that puts books and book culture into the public eye. Part of the events is this art instalation by the artist Marta Minujin. “TheBabelTower” is located in the city centre and is made by more the 30.000 books. The books have been donated by more than 50 different countries embassies in each native language. In a few days the tower will be dismantled and the books will be sent to library here. That will be the first multilingual library inBuenos Aires.

Nikon D300 + 50mm 1.4 ISO 800 – f 3.5 – 1/125


Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

                                                                                                                      Communications – The simple art of Conversation.                                         This photo was taken on the second day of a month long visit to theUSA.  My partner Susan and I were still quite jet lagged but were enjoying the beautifulCaliforniasunshine as we were given a personal, guided and chauffered tour ofSan Franciscoby our great friend Meinhard who has been a San Franciscan for 40 years.  I took this image as Meinhard and Susan were chatting about the then upcomingGolden GateBridge75th Birthday celebrations and how he had been part of the crush of thousands people who walked the bridge back on theGolden Gate50th birthday celebration.  The photo is just another holiday snap but means a lot to me being a very happy memory from one of the true highlights of the visit- meeting up with old friends and enjoying the art of conversation………

Captured with D700 + Nikkor AF- D 35-70mm f.2.8 and cropped out most of frame left and a little of frame right.



Grant Tanner – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


For the communication theme i have chosen billboards for the messages they convey. This one was taken at the old Powerhouse in Brisbane

D90 Lensbaby Composer f8 cannot remember the shutter speed (the lensbaby metadata is not kept by the camera) ISO200


Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

                                                                                                                                                   Communicating … In Australia magnetic whiteboards are used by football coaches to show players the positions that they are expected to play at the start of each quarter.

 Nikon D300+70-200VRII at 160 mm, f/2.8, 1/2000s and ISO 200 (AP, handheld)


Joshua Fahler – Jhubei City, Taiwan

                                                                                                                                          For my “Communication” submission, I decided to go with something a bit different. This woman was praying at the Jhubei Mazu temple today. Mazu, goddess of the sea, is probably the most important god inTaiwan. I consider this “communication” no matter the religion.



Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana

                                                                                                                                                Hi everyone .  Communication,something we do constantly and in so many different ways, was a hard topic for me. Could it be because there were no critters involved??   Thank you Joe for your encouragement on this topic.

Long before internet,  and cable news  there was the  newspaper.  It was anxiously awaited to bring one up to date on local or world events, read the comics or work a puzzle.    A long standing Sunday morning ritual for me is to read the paper.Love the feel of holding the pages, turning them and letting the world literally unfold in front of my eyes. My photo is a tribute to the good old fashioned way of communication — paper and ink.



Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

                                                                                                                                               Went to a water park for a birthday party last Friday night. Had great lighting and alot of great action. Love is my favorite way to communicate.

Nikon D3, Nikon 80-400 VR, 260MM, F/11, 1/200 sec, ISO 800



Gladys Millman – Westport, Connecticut


 This theme was a bit challenging. I have chosen to be a bit ‘out there’ with this one.  I was at a retreat for a week earlier this month where I had time to do more yoga and practice meditation.  This photo is symbolic of communicating with oneself and/or a higher power through meditation/prayer. I hope this is not too esoteric…  Regards, Gladys (“Ommmmm…”)

 ISO 5000, 50mm, -0.67, f/10, 1/50 



Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

 Got one for ya.

 Thinking of what to shoot for communication a number of things came to mind, but one stood out – email. We all use it everyday; at work, to keep in touch with relatives & family members, and to check out each others awesome photos every Wednesday (and in some cases Monday). I know I spend more than a good chunk of day checking my email, as work requires me to constantly be up to date. This shot is of a work email thread of mine that I was checking tonight. I grabbed the camera and snapped a pic of it and here we are now!



Ken Papai – San Rafael, California


“Big Rock Ridge Towers”

It’s a long, steep hike up to here – 2nd highest point inMarinCounty (1910’), and an even more difficult and strenuous mountain bike ride up to here (advanced level). In the far background isMt.Diablo, an old volcano, with its own high-tech communications towers and twice the height of this (3800’ at Diablo).  I climbed Diablo today on a 73-mile road bike loop. But I was way too exhausted to steady & grab the shots I wanted at the top there.

Communications is key to modern humanity – socially, technically, scientifically, and of course – communicated to your eyes photographically. Someday lightspeed communications to human on other planets and moons will dominate but I don’t think I can be there on-the-spot for that then, so will remain grounded and terrestrial and earthbound.

Cheers to everyone! 

EOS 7D, f/8, 25mm, May 2011 photo.



Special Bonus Photo Section

The bonus photo is a current event of interest from somewhere in the world

 Joseph Leotta

The Television News media

The most popular form of communications on the planet.  Just look at how many different crews were covering recent events at the world trade center site.   The TV news operation is so efficient and vast that at times even government officials including the president get breaking information from live television reports.

Nikon D300  AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED at 19mm  1/320 sec, f/9, ISO 320



Alejandro Held


Another pic from the tandem cyclists. Talking by cell phone while riding.

 Nikon D300 + 50mm 1.4  ISO 100 – f 16 – 1/50


Ertugrul Kilic


This photo for the special communication theme comes from today, taken just few hours ago. I was at one of local telecommunication company Telesur’s Bicycle Race atIndependent Square. This homeless and drunk man was sitting surround and virtually talking with some one while using his cigarette packet like a mobile phone plus adding his body language to dreamed conversation. Hope you like it. Take care and many cheers you to all my dear friends. Regards,

Nikon D2Xs, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm ZF.2, Aperture Priority, f/2, 1/6400sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67


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