Week 91 – Vivid color, Oct 26 2011

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

A Country Road

So fall is here. I think that fall is the most photogenic season. Nature’s colors are just spectacular. I know it’s my favorite season. Now I’m very lucky to have a house in Vermont. I think that it’s one of the most scenic places on earth.

So if we need a vivid color photo let’s put the 2 together and take fall foliage pictures inVermont. Not a bad photo to be found anywhere.  So here is one from October 5th on the road that my house is on in WardsboroVermont.  I’ve been saving it for this theme.




 Haig Tchamitch – Scottsdale, Arizona

This was something I shot in the parking lot of my building complex in 2008.  The blue colors are parked cars in the background. It is still a favorite of mine.

Pentax k10d, DA 50mm, f/2.8, ISO 400, 1/60 sec, + 0.7 EV




Stacy Winsett – Allen, Texas

Go Longhorns!!

Taken September 17, 2011 at the Rosebowl Stadium inPasadena,California. Our house bleeds burnt orange. The was one of the “big events” of our honeymoon weekend. 🙂

I only wish the “muscle milk” sign wasn’t there — or even that it said something different. I don’t know how that company sells their nutrition drinks, what a gross name!

Nikon D90 1/2500 @ f/10 ISO 800  100mm




Robin Warner – Santa Monica, California

Home Sweet Home

This is my muse, Abraham and his home.  He lives in that cool truck.  He is a beautiful loving kind and gentle soul and meeting him has forever changed me.  His spirit is just incredible.  He is an artist and a musician.  One day I brought him a couple of the photos that i took of him.  He held them and stared and them for about 60 seconds.  He did not say a word.  Finally he said, “i have never really seen myself”  He was in awe and told me that he loved me.  Needless to say, we were both moved.

Cannon 60D, Tamron 18-270, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/400




Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi

“Cinderella Pumpkins” — in a farmer’s market display. It’s the color of the season. I really enjoy the opportunity to photograph fresh produce at a farmer’s market, because there are so many colors and interesting shapes. And, that’s not all – fresh produce is so much better than what is usually available at the grocery stores today.

Nikon D200, ISO 200, f/11, 1/500 sec




 Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi

A hibiscus from my brother in law’s patio. 

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-270, f/6.3, 1/250s, Auto ISO 100




 Wayne Ervine – Johannesburg, South Africa

This pic is a still life that has been an idea that has been in the works for a while. The composition though was rather challenging.

It’s given me a new respect for those who do this all the time.

Nikon D300 18-55 kit lens @ 55mm 1/60s f/11 200 ISO.




 Jeannean Ryman – McAllen, Texas

As a child, we used to drive by a house on the outskirts of town to see their peacocks. Imagine my delight and surprise when I rode my bike past that house, and saw a peacock heading into the bushes. The house is no longer on the outskirts; it’s right smack in the middle of several subdivisions now. I guess they were the lone holdout. Anyway, since it was hard lighting (shadows/highlights), I played with it for a while in Photoshop to see if I could do something to help even things out. I kind of like the dreamy quality I came up with, because of the feeling of seeing something from my past standing right in front of me. I never imagined that house and a peacock were still there in the midst of all the development. (D90/70-300mm VR) Tags: peacock 





 Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

This is the line of LCD screens in the big station’s concourse.  Vivid autumn color on the screen and I made the other parts B&W (hope I did well…).  It is becoming a very nice season for photo walk or short trip and I am very much looking forward to it!  Ken

D700, 50mm f1.2 @f2.0, ISO200





Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan

Greetings to all!

The beautiful lilies are just a fond memory now.  Some were captured in photos and others slipped away too soon.  Summer is over where we live!

Friends have told me that, of my photos, their favorite is this lily.  It was one of my more successful attempts at stacking.

I’m hoping that I am wrong, but somewhere way back in my mind if feel that I’ve shared this photo before.  Regardless, it’s as vivid as I could get!

Have a wonderful week!





Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello All

This is a work of art that I took two months ago. And forgot to take notice of artists and names…!

Nikon D300 + 50 mm 1.4  ISO 1600 – f 1.4 – 1/640




Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

Really liked a lot of the great pics last week. Looking forward to this Vivid week.Sunday I was looking for a Vivid pic Idea. I went out to the playground at church and found a couple of cute kids wearing vivid colors playing on some vivid colored playground equipment.

Nikon D3, Nikon  80-400, 400mm, F/22, 1/320 SS, ISO 800 



Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana

Hello everyone !  You all produced some marvelous images last week . I looked to nature for this week’s vivid theme and nature did not disappoint.

Yesterday there were a couple of monarch butterflies in my backyard .

Hope you enjoy.

These were taken with the Nikon 300mm f/4 with the 1.4 TC .   Still

learning this lens and really enjoying it.




Jim Fredriksson – Long Island, New York

Southold 125th Anniversary of Volunteer Fire Dept. Parade

A major event in local town history. Many exciting vehicles, many vintages all in A-One condition. More than 20 VFD’s participated in this event.




Don Enderlein – Brooks, Georgia

This is a shot from the cemetery of this church. They don’t believe in disturbing anything in the cemetery which includes cutting the grass or clearing weeds.

And congrats to Birdie for her decision to retire and devote time to family and photography. Enjoy!

Sony HX5V, 1/320 sec, f8, 4.3mm




 Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

In recent days the spring sunshine has deserted us and we have had a succession of cool heavily clouded, overcast days.  I was very taken by this banksia occidentalis shrub which is flowering right now and produces the most vivid red flowers which glow like beacons even in the drabbest of late afternoon light.  I performed a custom white balance before photographing this flower to see if my camera produced an accurate facsimile of red colouration compared to the real thing.  I have a colour calibrated laptop PC so I processed the photo and took it outside to compare…… the results were remarkably similar.  Gotta love this red flower, shines out and demands attention on a dreary late spring afternoon.

D700 + Kiron 105mm Micro lens, tripod mounted @ f/11,  1/250th sec,  ISO 400  – image straight from camera RAW file converted to j.peg no other editing.



Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

Hello sharpshooters!

I think vivid is the only theme I don’t  have problem picking photo for. 🙂 So, today I’m presenting something little different. It’s a simple reflection of the tree in the water.

I hope it’s vivid enough. 🙂

Ken, thanks for comments. Mine and Davorin’s photo are on the same spot, we were maybe one or two hundred meters apart.

Joe Jr. Congratulations!

See you all on Wednesday, it will be vivid! 🙂

Pozdrav, Filip.

Moje fotke i blog: http://www.filiplucin.com/




Emma Roberts – Coventry, England

The end of last week I thought I knew which photo I would submit for this weeks vibrant theme.
Then I took my son to a butterfly farm on Monday as it is half term week and he’s home from school, after the visit my choices changed. This time I DEFINITELY knew which photos I would send in and asked Joe if I could submit two this week.
Then it changed again, today we went to Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire. There was so many birds there, most of who were previously pets and have been rehomed, because of this most were very friendly and tame.


The other big difference between this park and many others I’ve been to was that most of the birds were able to fly freely around the park and their aivaries were built so that they could enter and leave them as they wanted.
This weeks photos are of a couple of the beautiful macaws which were happily perching on some braches outside of their cages.
I hope you’ve all had a good week too
Emma x




Bogdan Nicolescu – Pitesti, Romania

Vivid is clearly not my stuff, I had to look trough my files about one year back to find a match, this is a detail of a steam engine not in working condition anymore but such a beautiful piece of engineering.

Shot with Nikon F6, Zeiss Distagon 35mm F/2 ZF lens, Kodak Ektachrome E100VS




 Suzanne Bauer – West Dover, Vermont

Well what could be more vibrant then pumpkin orange!!  I love the mini pumpkins and usually place them all around the house (they fit most anywhere!) and outside.  I took this shot just after a light rain and then the wind started blowing which dropped the leaves randomly on the pumpkins.

I have to say that last week’s photos were BRILLIANT!!! I was just floored as I viewed them one right after another!  I love being a part of this group (and I’m not sure why I’m in it cause I’m so far out of my league here). I can’t wait to see this week’s!  Enjoy your week, it’s getting cold inVermont now and they’re predicting snow for Thursday (yuck).

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, Auto exposure, Program AE, 1/64 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400




Sandi Mahncke – Snellville, Georgia

Well- I had hoped to be able to make it up to theNorth Georgiamountains this past weekend to capture some southern fall colors but unfortunately couldn’t quite find the time.   We have some color down here around Atlanta but really still not too much – so I’ve gone back to my pics from the West for a vivid colors shot –   it was taken in the Fall a couple of years ago at Zion National Park.   The red rock against the brilliant blue sky is stunning –  I can never decide what part of the West is my favorite-  but red rock country is definitely on the list.   Hope everyone has a great week- last week’s shots were wonderful and I’m really looking forward to week 91.





 Ertugrul Kilic – Paramaribo, Suriname / South America

Indiaand many Hindustani communities all over the world started to celebrate Diwali  popularly known as the “festival of lights”. The Diwali is an official holiday inSurinametoo. My photo taken during Diwali 2011 ceremony and early preparations at Onafhankelijkheids Plein ( Independent Square) in Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname, South America. A lady was installing broken mirror pieces on colored rices around giant pot. You may see more photos from same series in my blog post here :


Hope you like it. Take care and many cheers you to all my dear friends.

Regards,  Ertugrul Kilic


Nikon D2Xs, AF Nikkor 35mm f/2.0D, Aperture Priority, f/2, 1/500sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67




Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

NYGB this past August





Steven Lakose – Wallingford, Connecticut

For your consideration…

Nikon D200 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED Shot at 60 mm

Shutter priority AE, 1/50 sec, f/13, ISO 100, Compensation: +1/3




Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Taken earlier this year while experimenting with colour and effect.

Nikon D300 + 200 VRII at f/2, 1/2506s and ISO 200 (manual, hand held)




Ken Papai – San Rafael, California

Mavic Hub”

The hub of my new rear wheel is very bright – -the red caught my eye for this week’s theme and I got what I liked for this. This rear wheel is replacing a cracked rim of a wheel I’ve been riding for just over three years. these Mavic Ksyrium SL Superlight wheels are close to $600 for a rear wheel (assembled rim with hub, without gears). It’s a high performance wheel and leads to a great ride. It uses specialized bladed spokes and pretty high tech.

Canon EOS 7D, ISO 100, f/9, 1/125, 10/23/2011




 Joshua Fahler – Jhubei City, Taiwan

This street shot was taken last week in Jhunan, just south of where I live.  



Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark

The photo club I am part of du exhibitions now and then. 2011 is the ‘International Year of The Forest’ and we have an exhibition in October on trees. 30 photos11”*17”all about trees and this is one of my proposals, only one/member.  There are other possibilities; I will show you what  gets trough the jury




Per-Christian Nilssen – Sarpsborg, Norway

I took two good old friends out of the cupboard the other day.  Both my “old” D70 (born 2005) and my Nikkor 85/1.8 (even older) had spent some months resting when I felt the urge to take them out on a forest trip.  What?  D70? Only 6 Megapixels????  Hah!  A camera does NOT break down into pieces the same day newer and more fancy equipment reaches the market, even though the marketing departments of all camera manufacturers want us to believe so (And that is their job…).  My back and shoulders thanked me when I got home, not dragging the ordinary camera rig along in the woods.




Special Bonus Photo Section

The bonus photo is of interest from somewhere in the world

 Joseph Leotta

Sunday’s afternoon walk by the Bronx waterfront took me north of OrchardBeachand along the PelhamBayshoreline. 

For the past few years I’ve been taking more and more landscapes and the wide angle lens is my favorite choice. This one is as wide as I can go. 12mm on a DX camera.  What a great tool to have in your bag.




Stacy Winsett

Sunset & Sandcastle

A sunset shot taken Sunday, September 18, 2011 onZumaBeachinMalibu,California. What a gorgeous spectacle to behold. I have a shot on my 365 project of this same sunset that has the little girl who helped build the castle dancing and cheering the sun’s setting. A gorgeous end to a wonderful day during my honeymoon weekend

Nikon D90 1/500 @ f/20  ISO 1250 105mm




Haig Tchamitch

Living in the desert makes it tough to find trees with the fall foliage colors that other places enjoy.  That does not however mean that you cannot find brilliant and beautiful colors.. you just have to look a bit harder and closer  

Pentax k5, Tamron 28-75 @ 75mm, f/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 400, + 0.3 EV.


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