Week 98 – December 14, 2011

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

Weekends in Vermont, weekdays in New York- plenty of different photo op’s. This weekend we had some early winter snow. 

Different areas around town had very varied accumulations. 6 inches in one place and just sprinkles in others. This photo taken yesterday shows just how much it can differ in even just one spot. This is the Northern – Southern exposure difference. The side of the road with the southern exposure show almost no snow while the northern exposure side shows a few inches. Just wait before long there will several feet of snow on both sides.

Newell Hill Road inWest Wardsboro.Vermont ..

Nikon D300 nikkor 18-200 Dx zoom @ 18mm  1/200 sec, f/7.1, ISO 400



Lara Zinn – Velbert, Germany

I started my process of dettachment from where I live now – Velbert(just about 15 minutes from Wuppertal). I can´t really say that I will miss this place but rather just the memories of a wonderful time with my beloved husband. So today I went for a walk to register a bit from the surroundings, so this way I will be able to look back at my album and remember the places I´ve been and what I´ve done. Next year we will be moving out of Germany… I am in that state of excitment for the new experiences to tome but also feeling a bit nostalgic to leave all that we have built here so far.

Best regards,



Don Enderlein – Brooks, Georgia

 I love touring cathedrals when I am traveling on business and I came across this silver and gold statuette of “Our Lady of Antwerp” in the cathedral in downtownAntwerp. The detail is incredible and the craftsmanship exquisite. The lighting is pretty cool too.

 Canon S100, 1/13 sec, f2, 5.2mm, no flash



Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

Getting lucky in photography is a matter of being prepared for luck…….  being prepared is everything to me, the unexpected becomes an opportunity when one is prepared…..

This is a photograph of a wheat crop curing in early summer with a thunderstorm passing over Mt Gellibrand in the distance.  I love the strong textures of wheat and barley heads when they are curing pre-harvest like this but have always struggled to make a more complete image from incorporating a wheat or barley crop in my photos.  But last Friday I knew the forecast was for the chance of thunderstorms at the place I was working and I had my camera gear and tri-pod with me just in case something popped up….. and it did!

I was working right next to this particular field of wheat and saw the storm moving down from the north.  I quickly set up the tripod, got my frame and focus set, all whilst hearing thunder coming from the storm clouds so I attached my shutter release and waited to see if I could anticipate some lightning in the vicinity of where I had the scene framed – and I got lucky!!  The very first squeeze of the remote trigger and I caught this small fork bursting from under the cloud – a complete fluke, a stroke of luck but I was organised and was ready for lady luck to strike!

Tripod mounted D700 + AF-S 17-35mm @ 35mm, f/22, 1/160th sec, ISO 400 (with tethered remote shutter release)



Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan

Good Morning Sharpshooters!

My photo this week comes from the end ofPoint Lobos AveinSan Francisco.

You can see the fog, which appears to be the sky, as it rolls down the hill.

Within minutes (about three minutes to be exact) the area was thick with fog.

Have a wonderful week!




Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark

 First of all, thank you for the kind words about my photo last week, very much appreciated.

This week has to be an archive. So why not take a photo from May this year. FromItalytheAmalfiCoast.

Warm weather and vacation just a few miles south ofPompeii, Herculanum andNaples.

All the best




Robin Warner – Santa Monica, California

Cannon EOS60D, ISO 400, f/6.3, 1/800

Had a great moment at the zoo with this lil guy…loved the expression and the position



Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

Thanks for all those nice comments last week. Very nice week. This shot was taken a few month back atEagleLakeParkclose to my house. I just loved all the colors in this pic. Looking forward to another great week.

 Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20 E III, 600mm, F/5.6, 1/50 sec, ISO 1000



Haig Tchamitch – Scottsdale, Arizona

 In summer 2010 when I visitedNorwayto play in a bridge tournament inLillehammer, I stayed a bit longer with some friends who were kind enough to take me around to visit some fjords and coastal towns.  This is shot from the coastal road. BW conversion in CS5.

Pentax k20d + Tamron 28-75 @ 28 mm f/11



Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 The Cathedral and town from theAlcazarTower

Nikon D300 + 18-200 VR @ 32mm

ISO 400  –  f 4 – 1/1600 sec.

 The Roman Acueduct, that was used till a few years ago.

Nikon D300 + 10-24 @ 10mm

ISO 200  –  f 9 – 2.5 sec.



Grant Tanner – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Hello everyone
My photo is from the Australian PGA a couple of weeks ago. The group of golfers i was watching were Bubba Watson, Greg Chalmers(the eventual winner of the tournament), and John Senden. Senden is a favourite of mine as he is the travelling professional for Keperra Golf Club where i first picked up a golf club. My parents still live beside the course.
This photo was taken as John Senden took his ball from the 2nd hole after taking a hole in one on the hole. Brilliant golf shot

D90 Nikkor 16-85mm Lens  1/640sec @ f7.1 ISO200



Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

I thought I would post the lunar eclipse photos, but then I thought someone else would post much better than mine 🙂  On the same day, I went to town and walked toward the setting sun.  It was Sunday and the cars were shut out and the streets were all for pedestrians (pedestrian heaven is the name of such weekly event).  The people and the shadow of them which were actually multiple thanks to the reflection of the sun on the buildings was interesting.   Hope you have a great week!.  Ken

D90, 12-24 @14, f/8, 1/1600s, ISO 320



Stacy Winsett – Allen, Texas

High School Football inTexas

 The combined population of the 2 towns that played in this game (Alvarado & Chapel Hill – 3A Division I Finals) is under 8,000 people…but somehow they pulled in over 12,000 fans at Cowboys Stadium. It’s no Dallas Cowboys crowd, but pretty impressive. Have you ever seen a high definition screen that’s 60 yards long? You almost have to see it to believe it…it stretches from 20 yard line to 20 yard line. Quite amazing. I was sad that I didn’t get to shoot this game – the UIL who runs the event wasn’t issuing field passes to freelancers. Guess I need to get busy with my sports portfolio so I can do some freelancing next year for the paper! 🙂



Steven Lakose – Wallingford, Connecticut

One of the few times I actually got to use my long zoom lens.

This guy landed and on the piling next to the boat.  I liked the texture of his/her belly and the texture of the rusted piling.

Nikon D200 F/8 1/250sec, 55-200 lens @ 160mm



Jeannean Ryman – McAllen, Texas

 Many thanks to those who commented on everyone’s photos last week. It was very much appreciated. 🙂 My photo this week was taken last Wednesday during our morning walk along the canal bank. Although not the best of photos, it certainly is one of my more exciting finds. I happened to see a large bird perched in a tree. I though it was a hawk, so took a photo and zoomed in on the LCD to see what kind of hawk it was. It wasn’t a hawk, but a Great Horned Owl! I took Maggie and Noah back home, and stealthily made my way back hoping to get closer. I was able to get a few feet from the tree, and get a few photos before it flew off to another tree, where I witnessed an angry Red-tailed hawk squawking at it for an hour before I had to finally leave and go to work. The whole thing reminded me of a school yard fight where all the kids gather to watch. All kinds of birds flew over to the tree to see what was going on, including a little hummingbird. It was a sight! Unfortunately, it was the shaded side they were on, so the photos didn’t come out that well, but if you want to see more of the encounter, I put a few in my Zenfolio here. (Taken with Nikon D90/70-300mm VR.) Tags: Great Horned Owl, Red-tailed hawk




Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia


To all around the world! 🙂

First, thank you Robin, Gej and Wayne for taking time to make comments.

I appreciate that!

I tend to learn from looking at others photos and from reading their comments.

My photo for week 98 is recent one, from last saturday. It was nice day for photography, lot’s of dark clouds, spot of sun now and then, etc. So I took my bike and rode around my county.

This was taken on the way back home after sunset. I wanted to take photo of the road curving in to dusk, but this car fits in nicely I think. 🙂 And I had a chance to see end of eclipse of moon.

Since moon came out late we only could see little bit of it when it was finishing. Didn’t photograph it, though.

Techs about photo: Nikon D80+Sigma 10-20@14mm, f10, ISO 160, 30 sec exposure.

 Greetings, Filip.

 Pozdrav, Filip.


Moje fotke i blog: http://www.filiplucin.com/



Emma Roberts – Coventry, England

 This weekend my children spent the weekend at their grandparents which gave us some rare child-free time. On Saturday we went to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. It was so busy, I’m glad we didn’t have the children.
After having a coffee I went back out onto the street and set up my tripod to take this 5 second exposure to try to convey the business of the Christmas shoppers,
It was originally going to be a colour photo with the bright Christmas lights but I liekd it in black and white.
We didn’t join in with the shopping, we looked around the stalls but spent most of our time in Birminghams museum and art gallery. Much less hectic!
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well, I really need to start mine this week!



Bogdan NicolescuPitesti, Romania

 Stormy weather in Sharjah, UAE. As rarely rain can be seen on this part of the world the dynamic of the weather is always very impressive, the rush of dust and wind with a lot of statics and then the rain settle in.

Shot with Nikon F6, Nikon 50mm F/1.8 D lens, Kodak Tmax 100 film.



Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana

Hi everyone.  Where does the time go?  I can’t believe another week has passed.

I am still trying with the birds, but with some smaller ones.    This is  a Savannah Sparrow .  These little guys don’t sit still for long.  I have been trying to get a decent shot of one for some time.

D7000    300 mm f/4 with TC .

Hope you enjoy



David Fisk – Sullivan, Ohio

“Reservoir, December 13, 2011”

I spent a lot of time here as a kid. This was the first time I’d been back in many years. Bittersweet memories…

 Panasonic Lumix FZ35



Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi

A shot of the upper end of our lake.  I cropped the photo a dozen times, probably, thinking I should take out some of the lower left hand grass.  I ended up leaving it as it was originally.
Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-270, 27mm, F/8, 1/500s, ISO220.



Sandi Mahncke – Snellville, Georgia

 I have not had much success with the camera in the last couple of weeks-   rainy weather, late nights at work etc – so I’m resorting to another shot from one of our trips out West –  this is a shot from Canyonlands National Park- I love the wide open space and intriguing landscape and the clouds-  I’m always drawn to the West and never get tired of the scenery.   Hope everyone has a great week and I’m looking forward to this week’s submissions – thanks to Gej, Wayne and Robin for your kind comments and everyone who comments on facebook too!  



Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

A shot of the outside of Grand Central taken from downPark Avenue



Jana Hughes – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hello Everybody,

Thank you very much for your very kind comments on my photo last week, I really appreciate them. This week another one from the same session with my lovely client, Miss E..

Nikon D700, 24-70 f/2.8@ISO 200, f/8, 1/200s

Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing all your photos.




Suzanne Bauer – West Dover, Vermont

This is a photo of my friends daughter Kaylee.  I moved ‘outside my box’ and took a picture of something else besides a horse!  Probably an easy shot cause she had the most beautiful face and blue eyes! It’s untouched except for a few cookie crumbs I removed!

Last week was spectucular! sorry I didn’t get to comment on any of them, the holiday rush is already here, almost forgot to submit this.

Have a great week!

 Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, Auto exposure, Program AE, 1/64 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400



Ken Papai – San Rafael, California

 Toronado Ales”

Pictured: Blind Pig IPA and Pliny the Elder IPA fromRussianRiverBrewingCo.

The Toronado is the BEST beer bar on the West Coast.  Been going there since late 1992. It’s onHaight St.near Fillmore,San Francisco.

Photo: Tuesday night, 12/13/2011, EOS 7D, 16-35 at ISO 400, f/16, 20 sec. exposure.  A lot of fun.


Ken Papai



Greg Kowalczewski – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

 This is my mum.  Sadly, I had to say my final goodbye to her yesterday.  She was 84.

 mum in her younger years (we often forget that they too were children).



Wayne Ervine – Johannesburg, South Africa

On sunday I was attending my nephew’s birthday party, and spotted these 2 gents standing chatting. I forsee some street photography in my future.

Taken with a Nikon D300 and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. Black and White conversion using Topaz plugin.


Joshua Fahler – Jhubei City, Taiwan

 This is a late addition to the photos this week. I’m currently back in theUSvisiting family and getting ready for our wedding, part 2. Since my family/friends couldn’t be inTaiwan, we’re having a second, smaller ceremony in theUSwith US customs/traditions. Yuling’s family was able to come and visitOhio, where my family’s from. 

 We visited NYC during this time and I hope Joe isn’t too mad for not contacting him! We were pretty busy in the city for the three or so days of exploring and my two summers interning for the city came to be pretty handy as I was the navigator. Her family was a bit bewildered at first, but came to really enjoy their stay. 

 I hope to make more posts in the future now that the wedding is almost here/finished and hope everyone has a good Christmas if I can’t make posts.

Photo information: taken at 18mm, f/8, ISO 100 and a shutter of 2 seconds.  




Special Bonus Photo Section

Stacy has a 3 photo essay

 Stacy Winsett

The Image of Sound: Water

Sight and sound are two of the most important of human senses. Based on our life experience, we have made correlations between sounds we hear and what we envision to be creating them. This series provides visual imagery of the sounds created by water in its various forms, and allows for experiencing the sounds frozen as one brief moment in time – a perspective not often realized in daily life.   Stacy Winsett, December 2011






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