Week 109 – March 7, 2011

Joseph Leotta – Bronx, New York

 Calandra’s Cheese Company

 I’ve been going toArthur Avenueand Little Italy every Saturday for the past few week to do some shopping.  Normally I go once in a while but the shops have become too addicting lately.

 One that is quickly becoming of the favorite stops is Calandra’s Cheese.   There are Just so many Italian cheeses that they import and have at reasonable prices.   Parmigiano-Reggiano, Fresh mozzarella, scamorza, provolone cheeses galore, homemade ricotta and so many more.

The store has been open since 1920’s and think that it’s unchanged since then. I’ve said it before,Arthur Avenuehas some of the most photogenic vendors anywhere.

Alejandro Held – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Hello All

A flower at Regent’s Park,London

Nikon D300 + 18- 200 VR @ 200 mm

ISO 200  –  f 8  – 1/1000

Frits Stempher – Maastricht the Netherlands

 Graffiti on a dilapidated house.

I do not know what it is now but I can already send two photos. One for week 108, and for week 109. I am for 10 days toCuracao.

 Met vriendelijke groet,

Frits Albert Stempher

Steven Lakose – Wallingford, Connecticut

 MilfordYacht club frost bite race series.

Trying to catch a shot reminiscent of the old 12 meter racing shots

 Nikon D200 1/1250 sec F/5.6  70mm











Stacy Winsett – Allen, Texas

 I took so many photos at the Dallas Arboretum last week. The flowers are simply amazing, and they have done quite a lot of renovation – adding an infinity gazing pool that overlooksWhiteRockLakeand a really niceJapaneseGardenarea that is still under construction. I loved these purple snapdragons – they were partially in the shade which made the sunlight create some interesting details.

 Nikon D90 Nikkor AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor ED 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF ISO200 1/500 @ f/5.6 300mm focal length

Jens V Frederiksen – Elsinore, Denmark

 Early morning. The waves and the sunlight caught my eyes.

Not much else to say about that:-)

 All the best


Emma Roberts – Coventry, England

 This photo isn’t anything particularly special, just one of the fields near my house which I took in the Spring sunshine this weekend.

Gej Jones – East Lansing Michigan 

I share everyones concern for Joe and his family.  Many of us have been in his shoes and it isn’t easy.    Support from friends and family certainly help and our family of photographers is no exception.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Joe.

 My photo this week is a very unique look at the Sydney Opera House.  While on tour I zigged when everyone else zagged.   I found myself alone and looking at what you see.   I’ve never seen another photo of the Sydney Opera House from this vantage point.  

Hope you like the symmetry.

As always, my hope is you all have a great week.


Rick Dohme – Tampa, Florida

Visited a nice park with all kinds of birds about 10 days ago. Saw maybe 25+ different kinds.

Nikon D3x, Nikon 300 2.8, Nikon TC-20E III, 600mm, F/5.6, 1/800 sec, ISO 200

Ken Papai – San Rafael, California


 Mustard aplenty in the vineyards here in March. Spent part of wonderful Saturday afternoon eating & tasting at Ram’s Gate Winery in the Carneros,SonomaCounty.

 EOS 7D, 24mm, f/9, ISO 100, 3/3/2012.

 Ken Papai

Sandi Mahncke – Snellville, Georgia

 Hope everyone is doing well this week.   I don’t generally do much post editing – basically because I’m not very good at it and don’t find the time right now to do a lot with it – I just have one of the very basic adobe photo shop elements programs and really only use it to lighten up pics.  But I was playing around tonite and tried the “solarize” option on this pic and thought the result was pretty interesting –  this shot is fromCowWreckBeachon Anegada, BVI –  beautiful spot and I love the conch shells used in the landscaping around the beach bar…  Just sharing one more little piece of paradise with you again this week!


Ken Yamamoto – Tokyo, Japan

 How are you everyone?  Here is my submission from still-cold Tokyo.  One day excursion to Yokohama, the port town just south of Tokyo.  My home town is Yokohama, but have been away for so long and there are now lots of new building, in fact they created whole new town on the “reclaimed” land – don’t know how it will withstand the big earthquake 🙂  Anyway, this is one “objet” standing in between the huge shopping mall building and another one.  Used tilt-shift lens and turned out interesting.  Hope you have a great week.  Ken

D700, 24mm PC-E, f/4, 1/4000s, ISO 200

Robin Warner – Santa Monica, California

 The Grip

 Panasonic Lumix DMX -LX5.  

Got this shot with my mini camera while in Joshua Tree.  I wish I had brought my cannon…there was so much to shoot there.  Loved how this looked like a hand with a finger nail too.

John McGraw – Lansing Michigan

 Key WestFL- Fantasy Fest 2010

If you have never been to Fantasy Fest you need to. Its a photographers paradise, with so many interesting people walking around wanting to be photographed. This guy just has the perfectKey Westfeel, I see retirement and relaxed all through his face.

Bogdan Nicolescu – Pitesti, Romania

 Legacy of heavily industrialized days of communist system, this plant still runs and produce heat for part of the city.  Ugly as is I find this kind of structures very interesting and I try to get them on film before they succumb to modernization.

 Thing is, all this was supposed to be “creative destruction” but when plants are replaced with shopping malls or teared down to become developing plots makes you wander what is going on.

 Shot with Nikon F6, Zeiss Makro Planar 100mm F/2 ZF lens, Kodak Tmax 400, scanned with Nikon Coolscan 9000ED.

Don Enderlein – Brooks, Georgia

 This is another shot from my whirl-wind sales tour of the mid-west a week or so ago. Needless to say, it’s flat inNebraska. And not just flat, but unbelievably flat. Still, it has an attraction I really enjoy.



Per-Christian Nilssen – Sarpsborg, Norway

 I have not been shooting so much lately.  I have 2 major projects:  1 scanning all the old slides I found at my parent’s (pictures from the 50, 60 and 70’ies), wanting to ask my mother who and where before it is too late…  and, equally time consuming:  Moving to a new house in June, and trying to sell the old one.

 But I found the time to take an evening stroll at the beach with my daughter last weekend.  This image I have called “Loneliness…”

 D300, Nikkor 24-70.








Deb Sulzberger – Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

 Test Cricket at the Waca, Perth, Australia

Australiav India…….We now have 50 over games and 20/20 but test cricket is still the finest version of the game….

Some amazing photos by everyone last week and looking forward to veiwing week 109.

Stanley Beck – Jackson, Mississippi

“Pear Tree Blossoms” – I’m glad that Spring is arriving. The weather has been terrible for the past couple of months, with only a hand full of days that were nice. This was taken on one of those few days. I’ll take what I can get.

Nikon D200, ISO 200, f/11, 1/500 sec.

Davorin Mance – Cakovec, Croatia

 From photo-walk with Filip Lučin and one other friend two weeks ago. Water sprinkling over the rock reminds me on claw.

 Olympus E3, Olympus ED 9-18mm @ 9mm, 1.4 sec @ f/14, Cokin GND S filter, tripod.


Davorin Mance



Filip Lucin – Cakovec, Croatia

 Hello all!

Form time to time, I do photograph other things, not only landscapes. 🙂 Here is a photo of my kitty, who is a lady in serious ages now. And, she is really annoyed every time I approach her with a camera.

 I want to thank Greg and Stacy for making comments on the thread, I really appreciate them.

Greg, because dust and if you are in big town, smog accumulate in the air, sunsets tend to be more reddish, while sunrises tend to go more to pinks. Not the rule, but if it’s red, it’s probably a sunset.

 And I want to answer to Suzanne here. I’m sorry, but my mail get bounced by lot of servers as spam, so I’ll use this space for it. Suzanne, I think that libraries (as ones in LR) are disasters waiting to happen. You’ll format disc, by new computer, something will brake, and you’ll library will disassemble and nothing will be there… And not to mention that libraries will become huge after couple of years…

My way is: make folder for year, in that folder make folders for months, in that folder make descriptive name of whats in side and make one for jpgs.

this would look something like: 2012/01/Shooting sunset on the river/jpgs That is similar to Per-Christian’s way… I don’t use any of Adobe products so I suppose I’m not mainstream in that, but my way is working for me for a quite long time now… Of course, I’m not implying it’s the right way, but as I said it’s working for me.

Suzanne Bauer – West Dover, Vermont

 Haflinger Hair

Some Haflingers have a little bit of hair and others have tons of it!

These two Cami and Jack have a lot of hair!  So sad to say they are leaving our stables this week.  But they are going to a good home and they’ll still be together as they have been for many years.  I’m taking as many photos as I can of them before they leave, I just love them both!

Joseph Leotta, Junior – New York, New York

 Snowboarding is one of my favorite things to do. Which is why I find the summer months to be torturous. A few years back, one of my good friends introduced me to longboarding and I knew I had found a way to get my snowboarding fix during the summer. Recently, I took it one step further and turned an old snowboard deck I had into a longboard by drilling some holes and mounting trucks and wheels. It’s definitely a unique creation, but I love riding this thing around. Just like snowboarding in the summer.  

Matthew Brennan – Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

 Finally my little Canon S95 compact camera has been used for it’s intended purpose.  I carried it with me in my back jersey pocket on this rainy day ride and managed to get a photo incorporating one end of a rainbow.  I was riding through a short, sharp rain shower and could see the sun warming the fields behind the shower so I already figured the light mat be ‘suitable’ for a token bike photo out the far end of the shower.  The rain cleared faster than I anticipated and I had to quickly unclip and lean my trusty slick shod rainy day MTB against this road reflector post in a mad rush to capture a glimpse of the rainbow which had materialised.

A little post shoot editing later to clone out some power lines and some perspective corrections and hey presto I have a nice image from that day’s ride and I’m very pleased I have a camera which is highly portable and can take a decent exposure without too much fiddling about.

Captured hand held, dripping wet and still breathing in deep breaths…….  Canon S95 at 28mm (35mm equivalent) f/7.1, 1/640th sec, ISO250

Wayne Ervine – Johannesburg, South Africa

 Every now and again it’s fun to shoot something that is not a person. This fountain was out front of the restaraunt where I shot a fashion show last night. Love the combination of the fire and water.

Taken with a Nikon D300 (borrowed) and Tokina 20-35mm resting on a wall

Peggy G – Tupelo, Mississippi

 Ducks on the lake at my favorite park – Veteran’s Park.
Nikon D5000, 300mm, F/8, 1/400s, ISO200

Roberta Davidson – Destrehan, Louisiana

 Hi everyone!

 My shot is of the anhinga .  This is a female.   I have yet to get one

of these gorgeous birds fishing.  Will keep trying.

 Thanks to those who commented last week, much appreciated

Special Bonus Photo Section

The bonus photo is of interest from somewhere in the world

 Robin Warner

 Cannon EOS60D, Lens Tameron 18-270, iso 125, 70mm, f/5, 1/125

 Black Out.

Found this guy in West HollywoodCalifornia.  9AM just out like a light with this poncho over his head.  It was one of those moments where I had to make a u-turn and come back and take his photo

Frits Stempher

 Last week during a visit toWillemstad,Curacao, I saw this wall painting through the trees.

 Greetings Frits StempherMaastricht


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